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He preferred avoiding nagashi and dodging to countering. In Kihon Kumite , which can actually be defined as the summa of the principles of Wado, we find the very particular dynamic concept characterized by dodging-counterattacking-unbalancing or throwing in one technical gesture. The name Wado-ryu is composed of three different ideograms kanji , in Japanese. Wa is used to indicate the summa — harmony and peace — but it also represents everything that is Japanese. Ten means sky , Chi means earth , Jin means human being , Ri-do means reason, truth and Wa puts together all these concepts, namely the harmony of all these elements.

The phrase can be translated as follows: Harmony can be reached only by researching into the inner reason of the sky spiritual and intellectual sphere , of the earth material, body and practical sphere and of the human being heart, courage, love.

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This way, the term Wado suggests that to train the body on its own is not enough like in sports, in the same way to train the mind and the spirit on their own is not enough, like in the study and meditation, in order to be able to realize our potential. Wado-ryu aims at pursuing the way to harmony by training the body, the mind and the spirit, by fostering and cultivating a healthy, ethical and profitable life style for oneself and the others.

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Less than a year later, Hironori met Gichin Funakoshi , founder of Shotokan Karate and decided to learn also the martial art from Okinawa. This progressed to the point that it became the most wide-spread style in Japan. It was the first time that this honour was reserved to a Karate master.

He continued to train and teach until the day of his death on 29 th of January , at the age of Furthermore, a wadoka expresses power through speed and precision, eliminating unnecessary movements mudana dosa. This style develops elasticity, speed and ability, minimizing the use of brute force in favor of a real dynamic intelligence. There is no strictly established age, because it varies from child to child.

You can start practicing at any age, even without previous experience. Therefore it is highly recommended in all seasons of life and for people with the most disparate conditions. Yes, and it is proven by scientific studies. Wado-ryu is therapeutic for hyperactive children and for the ones having behavioral disorders.

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According to a American study published on the International Journal of Offender Therapy , children practicing Wado-ryu have a significant improvement in intensity and adaptability of their emotional states, and they also improve the ability to regulate them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  • The name Wado Ryu is composed of three characters: Wa means "harmony," do means "way," and ryu means "system. To the untrained observer, Wado Ryu might look similar to other styles of karate-do; many underlying principles, however, are derived from jujutsu. Rippy Sensei began karate-do training in , when he was invited to join the Wado Ryu system by Cecil T.