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Film Executive. Foreign Publisher. Literary Agent. Easter is deeply religious, keeps a good home, believes in tradition, and is intent on rearing her wild younger sister properly.

Coal Tattoo

Anneth is untamable, full of passion, determined to live hard and fast. How these two women learn to overcome their past, sacrifice deeply for each other, and live together again in the only place that matters is the story of The Coal Tattoo. I liked this one - the dynamic between the sisters was just right and their story kept me interested.

The narration was great - not too heavy on the accents and enough variation to give the individual characters their own feel. I give The Coal Tattoo 3. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the characters in this story.

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Easter and Anneth especially were much more loveable in their imperfections than the story synopsis had led me to expect. Their love for each other and for their home was very touching. The one aspect I would have liked to read more about was their "magic". Easter has the second sight and Anneth is always talking about believing in magic, but I would have liked these elements to have been more prominent in the story.

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Kate Forbes did an excellent job as narrator - loved the accents! What other book might you compare The Coal Tattoo to and why? Fair and Tender Ladies.


Coal Tattoo

Sounded authentic! Any additional comments? It was authentic in the way it depicted how people think and react to situations. This a great story about 2 sisters That live in the rural South.

The Coal Tattoo by Silas House

The story takes you through their triumphs, loses, heartbreaks and tribulations. The narrator does an amazing job with the voices of each character.

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The ending left me hanging and I felt like it needed a little something more, unless there is a sequel. My only issue is hearing the narrator swallow loudly or smack and occasionly hearing someone in the background perhaps a child or a dog. Overall I was pleased with the story. Great narration Got this on sale and not something I would not normally have purchased.

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Good read - this is not a beach or light reading. Enjoyable but one must pay attention! Once again this book reads like a dime store novel. It's poorly written and not worth the time or trouble to listen. I purchased based on others' ratings and again I have to wonder about the people who wrote good reviews.

It's slow, simple, poorly written and not even interesting. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? What do you think your next listen will be?