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Ego work is a shift in consciousness. Consciousness is only shifted via repetition.

There will be a lot of resistance because your ego dreads one thing most: change. Allow the resistance to come up without judgement. It is the part of your mind that identifies with traits, beliefs, and habits. Your ego is an unconscious part of your mind.

As a child, you came into this world with an intuitive nature. You instinctively understood the world even though you could not speak the language. Your level of consciousness was pure awareness. As a child, you have no filter. You can play, imagine, and create. You are not yet tied to an identity of who you are.

You are born unconditioned. During childhood, your ego is in ego-centric state. Childhood wounds are particularly impactful because of this ego period.

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It is not until the teenage years that you develop abstract thinking, the ability to observe outside of your own perspective. Your ego develops to protect you from your reality. It creates an identity for you to cope with any confusion, disconnection, and loss of love that you experienced. It strengthens an identity to ensure to the best of your ability that we can still receive whatever love is available.

As you aged, you were taught typically unconscious values around things like intelligence, achievement, preferred emotional states, relationships, and other people. Your greatest need is to receive love so you learn to identify with these values even if they are not positive. Many adults have not evolved past the ego-centric state. They still believe things are happening to them. If you believe you have no control in your life, or that outside events are controlling your life ego work will be particularly beneficial.

Your ego is a very rigid identity. It has to be.

How to Do Ego Work - The Holistic Psychologist

Anything outside of confirmed thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors will be rejected. They go back and forth affirming their own beliefs. Their ego defends a belief, and yours defends that person as the winner because they confirm a concept you have tied to your identity. Technically it is, because the ego creates the illusion that our opinions and beliefs make you who we are.

This lead to a lot of insecurity and low self worth. Ego work is about returning to your true nature. They were chosen for you. The ego is your protector and has been a part of your psyche since you were a small child to help you cope. You want to learn to accept your ego as something separate from yourself. You are the awareness who has the ability to view other parts of yourself. This ability is uniquely human. You can think about your thoughts. You can reflect on your actions. Picture ego as a hyper vigilant guard.

This guard is constantly scanning the environment for someone or something attempting to do harm.

By doing this work, you give the your guard ego a break and allow for new experiences to come into your awareness. Without a guard you can decide how you feel, what you think, and how you choose to respond rather than having your ego decide that for you. And with its picture windows, his office offered a stunning view of Copenhagen. These were the perks of his new position, ones that spoke to his power and importance within the company.

Cees spent the next two months acclimating to his new responsibilities. But during those two months, he noticed that he saw very few people throughout the day. Cees decided to switch from his corner office on the 20 th floor to an empty desk in an open-floor plan on a lower floor. This story is a good example of how one leader actively worked to avoid the risk of insularity that comes with holding senior positions. And this risk is a real problem for senior leaders.

In short, the higher leaders rise in the ranks, the more they are at risk of getting an inflated ego. And the bigger their ego grows, the more they are at risk of ending up in an insulated bubble, losing touch with their colleagues, the culture, and ultimately their clients. As we rise in the ranks, we acquire more power. And with that, people are more likely to want to please us by listening more attentively, agreeing more, and laughing at our jokes.

All of these tickle the ego.

And when the ego is tickled, it grows. A checked Ego allows for Designers to ultimately understand that filling positions, gaining access to certain opportunities, depends on many factors, some more objective and easier to quantify than others which includes skills, portfolio assessment, academic background, tasks performed, awards and recognition, among others.

On the aspect of Ego and Collaboration. Design Thinking, Innovation, are terms that are part of the vernacular of any Designer. Both terms underline the fact that collaboration is basilar for successful projects and endeavors.

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This is a process anchored on the convergence of experiences, research, insights of different natures, inputs from different sources. Outcomes, Reality Check.

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Unchecked Egos invariably are a one-way street, which can only be occupied by a sole driver. Designers, Technologists, are now more than ever, immersed in cultures where collaboration is fundamental, and those are invariably multi-lane highways with a multitude of different drivers.

How to Do Ego Work

Being able to be considerate, attentive, inquisitive, adaptive, focused, allow for the long journey to be a far more satisfying and pleasurable one. Sign in. Get started. UX Planet. Ego in Design.