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Until that day comes, telling his story here will have to do. Did you like this? Like this Like this. Justin, as fellow Guardian of Light, I can tell you had too much fun writing this blog post. After reading up on the story behind the weapon I felt compelled to share it. Thanks for the kind words, and good luck on your journey to Fabled! I loved the gun in pve pre nerf. If you can belive it i just managed to get this hand cannon in like hours of playing on the same day.

Got myself from totally zero into Fable in those hours and i went totally playing random, not any duos or with more party members. Anyway, after i got the gun, i found myself as not good as to handle it correctly i guess , since i prefer hand cannons with lower fire rate. Takao Uehara PlayStation. Blog Japan.

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Skip to content. Josef opened the door. Shaxx filled the hallway beyond. You lost her on the Moon? Scavenged parts from my personal collection. Share this story Share this on Facebook Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter Share this on Twitter opens in a new window.

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Comments are closed. You can do it! Recluse is an absolute monster too, especially in PvE if you can believe it.

Destiny Comes to an End with the Age of Triumph

I absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing, I feel inspired to go for it now. He found it mildly surprising Narena had given up so easily. But something else lay underneath his contentment. Perhaps the air he breathed out held a tinge of disappointment. The woman had been on his mind for most of the day. Maybe she was the reason why some of his men landed blows that he ordinarily blocked with ease. In the morning, after a night of tossing and turning, he was grateful to be gone before she wakened.

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  • The thought of seeing her, hair tousled from sleep, face relaxed, lying on the bed…. Thinking like a young lad, entranced by the beauty and mystery of the sorceress.

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    Grow up. Always had. Her presence threatened his family and he should be glad she was gone. How it tensed when she touched him, sending fissures of heat across his skin. Enough already. Ardis gathered fresh hay to feed his horse. He gave a loving pat as the animal munched its meal. His brows knitted together. Rhiann usually met him when he came home.

    A trickle of apprehension skittered round his belly.

    He went to grab a bucket of fresh water when realization dawned. No light came from the house when he rode up. He turned to get water and stopped. A sickening thought thundered into his brain. She took her.

    He dropped the bucket, tore from the stable, raced across the yard and into the house. His gaze swept the dim room. He covered the distance to her chamber in three strides. Perhaps his daughter was resting. He brushed aside the heavy brown curtain. Too dark to see much.

    Murky shadows formed someone lying on the bed. He rushed forward and as his eyes became adjusted to the lack of light, he thought his heart stopped. Fear, pain, disbelief and horror exploded in his chest. His loving daughter lay with bandages wrapped around her chest. This cannot be.

    Shaking hands gingerly touched the bindings. He took a slow, deep breath and held it. His ears strained. Soft breathing freed the air in his lungs. She was alive.

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    Destiny Comes to an End with the Age of Triumph | USgamer

    Thank the gods. He returned to the main room. No sign of struggle but Rhiann had obviously been attacked. She must have bandaged herself before slipping in unconsciousness. Who would do this? Noise drifted in from outside, resurrecting the warrior in him. Hoof beats. Rage consumed him. With cat-like grace Ardis stepped forward.

    He had the element of surprise. Make a free website with Yola.